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July 2017

Paradigm shift in the medical profession

Dear partners, clients, friends and innovation enthusiasts,

Medicine has always aimed at providing the best possible care for the least amount of patient discomfort. This guideline drives training away from patient care towards simulation, and it pushes treatments from the operating room into the office.

Dr. Robert A. Pedowitz has written a paper on the various simulation training opportunities already available to arthroscopic surgeons, stating that medical training is on the brink of a paradigm shift; in a video interview he discusses the return on investment of simulation training. Meanwhile, the first ever Global Congress on Hysteroscopy campaigned for less invasive treatments and training to make sure all gynecologists gain the needed skills.

This newsletter also introduces a hard working Millennial support engineer, as well as our new tongue-in-cheek animation series that offers improbable life hacks for medical professionals. Furthermore, even though summer in Florida and even Switzerland can get hot, we will be traveling to conferences near you. Drop by and say hello!

Raimundo Sierra

Raimundo Sierra, Co-CEO

Stefan Tuchschmid

Stefan Tuchschmid, Co-CEO

quote Zeichen_white_cropped.png
Today only around 10% of gynecologists perform hysteroscopy—these are the hysteroscopists. We would like to reach the 90% that are not yet performing hysteroscopy and introduce it as a diagnostic tool.
—Prof. Sergio Haimovich, Global Congress on Hysteroscopy
Dr. Robert A. Pedowitz

Paper: Paradigm shift in medical training

Transitioning from centuries old and thoroughly tried training methods is not an easy task, but it is time to move away from the 'see one, do one' approach towards proficiency-based education. The case for simulation training ROI is already there, states Dr. Robert A. Pedowitz in a video interview.                                                                                                   

Hysteroscopy trends

From OR to office: hysteroscopy trends focus on the patient

In May, the first ever global hysteroscopy conference brought together practitioners from all corners of the world to outline the future of the field. A transition towards office procedures is evident, and education needs to follow suit. At the center is the safety and comfort of the patient.

Life Hacks

VirtaMed Life Hacks: How to be in many places at the same time

Mary is a senior doctor who treats patients, trains residents, does research, attends meetings, and fills out a lot of paper work. That's why she often feels like she would need to be in many places at the same time. Watch the first episode of VirtaMed Life Hacks!

Russell Horton

Meet VirtaMed: “I've never wanted to be average”

Millennials are lazy and entitled; we’ve all heard this. Russell Horton, our Technical Support Manager in the USA, doesn’t recognize himself from the description. Russell graduated in the middle of the worst economic crisis in decades and he knows he needs to work hard to achieve great things.

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